Our Vacancy

The Ministry of Finance is seeking to engage suitably qualified and experienced applicants for the following vacant positions that are now advertised.
Position Minimum Requirements Job Description Division Due Date
Senior Economist Senior Economist - Budget Budget Division
Clerk Class 11 Clerk Class 11 - Payroll Salary Section/ Treasury Division
Clerk Class 1 Clerk Class 1 - Eua Sub Treasury 'Eua, Treasury Division
Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary - CSD Corporate Services Division
Accountant Accountant - CSD Corporate Services Division
Chief Economist

Division: Project and Aid Management Division (PAMD)

Location: St. George Building (Nuku’alofa)

Job Title: Chief Economist

Position Number: FIN08203111100110002

Reports to: Deputy CEO – PAMD

Band: H

Salary: $33,600 - $50,400

Chief Economist - PAMD Project and Aid Management Division
Project Administration Consultant Project Administration Consultant - re-advertisement Resilient and Aid Management Division