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 Procurement is the acquisition of goods and services, including entering into and managing contracts, to assist in achieving the objectives of your line Ministry and business area. A properly conducted procurement is an open and transparent process that provides accountability for the use of public resources and delivers value for money for the Kingdom of Tonga. All Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Government of Tonga are required to undertake procurement in accordance with the Public Procurement Regulations (2015).

Competitive KPI Financial Year 2018-2019, year to date

Competitiveness No Percentage Average Days
No10378 % 22 days
Yes2922 % 83 days
Total132100 %35 Days

Compliance KPI Financial Year 2018-2019, year to date

Compliance No Percentage Average Days
No4635 % 23 days
Yes8665 % 42 days
Total132100 %35 Days

Click the links below to View Our Procurement Documents: 


Procurement Brochure 

Procurement Brochure

Procurement Brochure