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Beech Model G18S 1
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This aircraft is currently not in an airworthy condition and is positioned at HMAF Air Wing Unit hangar at Taliai Military Camp, Fu’amotu. This is where the aircraft was inspected.



This is a Beech Model G18S, Serial No. BA 483 and was constructed in December 1959 by the Beech Aircraft Corporation.

The current airframe hours are unknown at this stage and it was last flown in 2005. On external appearances the aircraft is quite tidy and has been hangered since its arrival in 1995. Airframe wise some surface corrosion is evident but no great problem arears are apparent, paintwork is generally sound.

It has metal control surfaces which appears to be satisfactory but no boroscope inspection was carried out. The Left Hand Aileron Control Rod End requires attention, the Right Hand Nav. Light Cover has suffered some Hangar Rash and some engine cowl fasteners require replacement.

The Aircraft has a Parachute Door fitted.

The interior is tidy but the former Infra-Red Operators position wants tidying up and the hole in the floor properly covered.

Some instruments are missing from the Captain’s side while there are possibly some replacements available in the spares these will need recertification.

Radio Installation. The avionics have not been serviced for a number of years and some units are missing. E.g. ELT and No1 Nav Comm.

The Wing Spar has had the X-ray inspection carried out but no documents attesting to this could be found. This inspection is an AD Requirement.

The Wing Strap (Hamilton Standard) has not been refitted completely, work being curtailed due to financial constraints.

The Undercarriage is nice and clean, no leaks been obvious, however a detailed examination should be carried out. The tyres and wheels wants servicing. The aircraft used to be regularly moved or taxied around.

Both engines will require bulk stripping as they have not been properly inhibited. In fact, due to their hours and overhaul would be more appropriate. They used to be run on a regular basis unit fuel availability ran out.

The propellers are due for calendar overhaul; seals were renewed in 2005. All flexible hoses on the aircraft require replacement as they in the main dried out and become brittle.

The aircraft records and paper work appear to have disappeared which has hindered this appraisal considerably.

The aircraft suffered some damage when the hangar roof collapsed during a cyclone. The repair work was carried out by Field air Engineering in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

There is limited tooling available with the aircraft mainly engine tools and some spares which requires recertification.

The Rear left-hand Tail Wing is currently damaged when collided with another aircraft during Cyclone Gita in February, 2018

Since this aircraft is not or a civilian registered and requires a bit of expenditure especially in the areas of engine and propellers.