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The Ministry of Finance's mission of senior management is to ensure the provision of high quality and timely economic and financial policy advice to the government, increasingly effective economic management in the Kingdom, and the development of a strong professional team in the Ministry.

The core responsibilities of the Ministry’s senior management are to :

  •  provide overall direction and policy guidance to the work of the Ministry;
  •  provide effective leadership within the Government on economic and financial management, and within the Ministry in the development of high professional standards and timely and relevant policy advice and financial management;
  • ensure the longer term development of essential skills and capabilities with the Ministry team, in the context of a learning institution committed to serve the interests of the Government and people of Tonga;
  • ensure the availability of essential support facilities, resources and work tools to enable all members of the Ministry team to perform at peak effectiveness;
  • ensure the recognition of the individual contribution of each officer and staff member to the success and achievements of the Ministry, through, inter alia, a high priority for performance review and assessment and an effective and integrated Staff Development Plan;
  • ensure that all legislation for which responsibility rests with the Minister  of Finance is administered with due diligence and professional integrity, and that decisions of the Government within the Ministry’s area of responsibility are implemented with professionalism, timeliness and attention to detail; 
  • ensure that the major responsibilities of the Ministry, including the submission of the Government’s annual Programme Budget to Cabinet and the Legislative  Assembly, are performed with the highest standard of professionalism, consultation and timeliness;
  • communicate the economic and financial issues, policy options and decisions by the Government within and outside government  in the clearest way possible and ensure that the Ministry performs its task of listening to and taking into account the views of participants in the economy as well as others in Government;
  • provide advice, as appropriate, in the context of the role of the Minister of Finance as a key policy Minister of the Government, and assist the Government in assessing the economic and financial implications of major policy proposals and in establishing a priority planning framework;
  • provide strong and effective management of Ministry operations, including a high priority for strategic planning and the meeting of performance targets.


Our Output
Our Output