Corporate Documents

Given the Mandate of the Ministry of Finance and its broad range of key stakeholders, the Ministry is structured under five (5) main Programs as outlined below.

Program 1. Leadership and Policy Advice: This program relates to effective and efficient leadership and policy advice of the Ministry to be better able to deliver its outputs. These are managed through the Office of the Minister and Office of the CEO with support from the various Divisions.
Program 2. Economic & Fiscal Policy, Budget & Corporate Planning and Projects & Aid Management, Resilient Development and Financing This program relates to the wider policy formulation role of the Ministry. This includes policy analysis, setting strategic direction, promoting sound macroeconomic management with improved resource allocation covering both domestic and aid resources, and the international role related to effective management of our relations with development partners. These functions are managed through four divisions namely the (i) Corporate Plan and Budget Division (ii) Economic and Fiscal Policy Division; (iii) Projects and Aid Management Division, and the newly set up division, namely the Resilience Development and Financing Division (RDFD).
Program 3. Financial Framework, Procurement and Treasury Operations: This program relates to the support the Ministry provides to the execution of the budget. It covers core procurement and treasury functions, establishing of appropriate financial policy and frameworks and debt service and asset management. These are managed through three divisions namely the: (i) Procurement Division; (ii) Financial Framework Division; and Treasury.
Program 4. Government General Fund (GGF) The GGF are funds that are centralized and managed by Ministry of Finance under its Corporate Services Division on behalf of the whole of Government. The GGF does not relate directly to the operation of the Ministry. These relate to special payments in relation to MDA’s outputs including benefits, technical assistance, subsidies, community development activities, special projects, equity payments, international subscriptions, exemptions and contingency funds. Payments are processed by the Corporate Services Division, in consultation with relevant MDAs.
Program 5. Debt Management: The above program relates to the implementation of the Debt Management Strategy particularly the management and payment of domestic and external debt. Debt Management is undertaken by the Debt Management Section within the Financial Framework Division.