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Payment Schedule

This is the approved payment schedule by Secretary for Finance to be used in order for releasing of payments from Government of Tonga to suppliers:

Days Supplier
Tuesdays A-J
Wednesdays K-R
Thursdays S-Z
  Tonga Power Limited
20th of every month Tonga Communication Corporations
  Tonga Water Board








These Condition applys to all vouchers:

  1. Cheques are to be picked from Treasury on your particular allocation days above.
  2. As per usual arrangement, all suppliers cheques are to be only picked on the week after Government pay week, that is the Supplier Payment Week.
  3.  All vouchers to be paid out on the suppliers' payment week must reach treasury by 4:30pm on Friday of the Government pay week.
  4. Vouchers that reached Treasury during supplier's payment week will only be considered when all vouchers that have been earlier submitted are being cleared for paymnent.
  5. Suppliers are more than welcome to negotiate with treasury a particular date of the month for their cheque run.
  6. Vouchers that are funded from a donor or from a project can be collected at any time.

for any enquiries relating to payment of Vouchers please contact Mrs. Makeleta Siliva or Mrs. Fakaola Lemani at the Treasury Division