The division has three main units – Application, Infrastructure and Helpdesk/Support. The Application Unit leads in analysing and defining business and application problem, evaluating procedures and process, and develops solution by preparing and evaluating alternative workflow solutions. The Infrastructure Unit monitors business change in needs; capturing, analysing and diagnosing problems in complex computer system. It also maintains and provides support to the Data Centre Environment of the organisation. Last, the Helpdesk Unit assist the overall performance of the ministry.


The core function of the division is to fully utilised access and usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure and services through implementing a well design ICT system which promote organisation’s mission by providing timely information from a reliable, secure and accessible systems to MDAs and Government Stakeholders.

ICTD has encouraged its main function by providing a secure access and usage of ICT infrastructure and services to approved stakeholders and MDAs, ensure effective communication of government policies and programs and promotion of national ideology for socio and monetary economic transformation, particularly the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).