The division is comprised of six main sections, namely the Checking Section, Revenue& Voting, Development, Payroll, Accounts and the Sub-Treasuries which include Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua. 

These sections are differentiated by their core responsibilities within the division, as outlined below;

  1. Checking Section: Checking the accuracy, compliance, completeness and validity of all government expenditure before payments, also government revenue collected;
  2. Revenue& Voting Section: Timely updating of the financial management system of all government expenditure and revenues, also reports on all government revenue collections;
  3. Development Section: Receipt& disbursement of all donor funded payments (ensuring alignment to all related government and donors’ policies and agreements);
  4. Payroll Section: Processing of all government payroll related payments, ensuring all civil servants (staff) are remunerated accordingly (aligning to all related government policies), and on a timely manner.
  5. Accounts Section: Cash Management and Compiling/ preparation of the whole of Government Financial Statements.
  6. Sub-Treasuries: Carry-out all Treasury related work at the outer islands of Vava’u/ ‘Eua and Ha’apai.

The Treasury Division (TD) main responsibility is to provide support to effective public financial management through the delivery of timely payments, cash management and quality and accurate financial reporting.

Under Section 35& 36 of the Public Finance Management Act 2002 (PFMA2002), TD is mandated to prepare the whole of Government Quarterly Summaries of the Receipts& Payments of Public funds, as well as the Annual Financial Statements (Public funds) at specific timelines.