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Our Services

Our Services
Listed are some of the services provieded by the Ministry

  1. Salary: The ministry prepares and distributes government salary payments, as well as related employee and employer contributions to the Retirement Fund Board on a fortnightly basis. The ministry ensures that salary payments are not only timely but complies with related established goverment policies and procedures regarding salary payments of any kind.
  2. Payment: This ministry also processes all payments for goverment spending. For more information on this, please refer to our Payment page for more comprehensive explanation on how government expenditure is processed and paid out.
  3. Procurement: Theere is a Central Procurement Office within the ministry. All major purchase or hiring of consultants by government are reguired to go through the Procurement Office to ensure that they meet the requirements. World bank is currently funding a Public Procurement Reform Project for finalizing the Procurement Bill, Regulations, Manual and Standard Documents which have been drafted