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MFNP Press Release: Study on the impact of visa procedures on Tongans

MFNP Press Release: Study on the impact of visa procedures on Tongans
The Government of Tonga recognizes the importance of maintaining strong links between Tongans living in Tonga and Tongans living overseas, as recognized in the Tonga Strategic Development Framework. This emphasises the importance of continuing to maintain these important links for the wellbeing of Tongans both in Tonga and around the world. Governments in countries where overseas Tongans live need to be able to manage their boarders. GoT regularly discusses how the management of boarders affects the ability of Tongans to travel to visit each other and maintain the extended Tongan networks.
GoT is aware of concerns expressed about the difficulties and costs that can be associated with getting the necessary visas and entry to these other countries. To better understand these issues, GoT has commissioned a study to collect information from the three main destinations: Australia, New Zealand and USA. Information will be collected, via an online survey, from Tongans who have applied for visas in recent years to gain a better understanding of their experience. The survey can be completed in English and/or Tongan and can be accessed at the site listed below. It should not take long to complete. It is an important opportunity for people to express their concerns in a more structured way.
The software used for the survey is called "MonekySurvey". Despite its name this is a proper site for designing and collecting survey information. The survey can be accessed at the following site:
Any Tongan who has applied for a visa is encouraged to complete the survey (once for each application). They can also email further details to the consultant coordinating the work. The study is also interested to hear from anyone who provides visa service advice for Tongans on  a more formal/commercial basis.
This information will help to better understand the experience facing Tongans, and identify what options that might be available to make the process more straight forward and less costly.
If you wish further information on this study, please email the CEO Ministry Finance and National Planning, [p1] or the consultant Peter Poulsen ( 

 [p1]Should this be Balwyn, or should people be referred to Sione?