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Information & Communication Technology Division

Technology always plays a unique role in global development. It is a broad concept that deals with uses, knowledge of tools and cratfs, and how it's affects it's ability to control and adapts to it's environment. Therefore,  ICT division requires capacity to:

  • Maintain and operate well-designed ICT systems with the hardware and software, providing access both in office and outside, to provide the services required by the Ministry staff to perform their functions including:
    • email,internet
    • electronic storage
    • regular reporting
    • teleconferencing
    • specialist software for staff-list,public accounts, budget,debt & assets management, and other databases.
  • System upgrading to improve ICT functionality:improve effeciency, internal control(checking), access(roll out to the MDAs), data security, archiving, risk management and reporting.
  • Provide Access to central data for all MDAs, in particular the IFMIS
  • Address Challenges of PFM implementation from an IT perspectives of the system.