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About the Ministry

As a vital organization of the Government of Tonga, the Ministry of Finance & National Planning (Treasury) plays an important role in supporting the Government transversely a wide range of policy areas to make sure the outcomes are met, particularly with regard to expenditure, financial management, and the operations of government.

Fundamental services delivered by Treasury include supporting the delivery of the Government of Tonga Budget and for “A better Tonga tomorrow than today with more sustainable growth providing higher incomes and well being for Tongans”

          With an Objectives and Outcomes & Strategies in TSDF

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning as a central ministry of government contributes to all of the Objective Outcomes and Enabling Themes in the Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF).  The Ministry supports the formulation of the TSDF, which sets out the direction of the Prime Minister and the administration. The Ministry also supports the implementation of the TSDF through more detailed plans; formulation of the budget consistent with these plans covering recurrent and development funds, taking into account the national debt and fiscal conditions; management of development partners’ programme; providing financial management and procurement services, and reporting to the rest of government.

The Ministry made significant contribution for four out of the nine TSDF outcome objectives as follows:

1.      Strong inclusive communities, by engaging districts/villages/communities in meeting their prioritized service needs and ensuring equitable distribution of development benefits.

2.      Dynamic public and private sector partnership as the engine of growth, by promoting better collaboration between government and business, appropriate incentives and streamlining of rules and regulations.

3.      Appropriate, well planned and maintained infrastructure that improves the everyday lives of the people and lowers the cost of business, by the adequate funding and implementation of the National Infrastructure Investment Plan (NIIP).

8.      Better governance, by adopting the qualities of good governance, accountability, transparency, anti-corruption and rule of law.

              The Ministry took a leading role in three out of the four (4) Enabling Themes (A-D) as follows:

A.     Continuing progress to a more efficient and effective government by focusing on its core functions; improving coordination, service delivery and optimizing use of resources

B.     Improving the macro-economic environment and fiscal management, including effective revenue services to ensure a level playing field and those services to the people can be appropriately funded

D.     Ensuring a more coordinated whole of government approach in Tonga’s partnership with development partners

Ministry Divisions

The Ministry is consisting of eight divisions. Each division has a page which describes its specific roles and responsibilities

National Planning & Economic Development Division

Budget & Corporate Planning Division

Project & Aid Management Division

Information & Communication Technology Division

Financial Policy Framework Division

Treasury Operation Division

Procurement Division

Internal Audit Division